A Case for Cold Showers

There’s nothing like taking a hot shower. The hot water relaxes my muscles. Every time I step out from a hot shower, I feel revitalized. It’s therapeutic. It’s a new beginning. Maybe you slept, drank and/or ate too much the night before, but after you take a shower, it seems like the slate the slate is clean. It’s a new you after a nice hot shower.

So why the hell would anyone want to switch from hot to cold showers? It seems unnecessary; however there are more benefits to cold showers than hot showers, if you can get over the uncomfortable part.

Warning: If you have a heart condition, don’t try this!

4 Reasons to take a Cold Shower

Here are four reasons to try out taking a cold shower (Number 4 is the main reason I started this habit a week ago):

  1. Improves Mood. Similar to how exercise can improve your mood, but it’s not the same. They both give you that adrenaline rush but exercise has a much longer lasting affect. The cold water shocks the system. This shock to the system boosts norepinephrine production, which is basically an adrenaline rush. (I skipped a few steps but the point is it can help improve your mood).
  2. Healthy skin and hair. Hot water dries your skin. Cold water closes your pores, which gives your skin a smooth appearance and prevents you from having ashy skin.
  3. Boosts recovery after exercise. After every long run or tough workout in college, I would ice my legs because it forces the body to create more white blood cells that help aid in recovery. A cold shower lowers your body temperature which forces your body to circulate more white blood cells throughout your body.
  4. It’s a challenge, it’s uncomfortable and something I don’t want to do. There are other benefits and if you’re interested, do some research, but the reason I started taking cold showers last week is because it is difficult. I use it as practice for doing something uncomfortable.  Public speaking, meeting someone new and trying new things in general is uncomfortable, and I’ve noticed where I’ve fallen short is where I have stubbornly remained in my comfort zone. Therefore a cold shower is one small thing I now do to remind myself that those things I perceive as dreadful really aren’t that bad and if they are, they don’t last. It shall pass.