The Battle

After this episode of Orange is the New Black, I’m going to sit down and write some new material.

Episode ends.

Alright that last episode of OITNB was great, I need to watch one more.

Next episode ends.

Well I’ve only got two episodes left in Season 3. I might as well finish it up and then I will focus on my writing without any distractions.

Season 3 ends.

Alright time to sit down and write, but damn am I hungry. I can’t write on an empty stomach. I’ll eat something and then I’ll write.

Drive to Qdobe and back home.

I’ll eat this burrito and then work on some new jokes; however, in the meantime, I’ll watch an episode of Louie.

I finish burrito ten minutes in.

I’m stuffed. I’ll let my stomach settle while I watch the rest of this episode.

After the episode, I turn off the T.V., grab my notebook, and look at my phone. I see someone retweeted me, so I open up twitter. Then I go on Facebook. I check my ex-girlfriend’s profile to see if there are any new photos.


I look at the latest girl who didn’t reply to my text. I didn’t really like her anyway.

I look at the time and realize my show starts in two hours and I am one hour away, so I jump in the shower and then leave for my show so I’m 30 minutes early.

I didn’t get any writing in today, but tomorrow… Yeah… Tomorrow I’ll write.

Battling Procrastination

It’s hard to sit down and write when my mind is trying to convince me to do what is easier. Watching Netflix does not take as much effort as writing a new joke. Plus I won’t starve, lose my apartment, or die if I don’t write a joke; therefore the primitive part of my mind tells me it’s not necessary. I don’t have an intrinsic need to sit down and write jokes or any creative work; therefore every time I plan to write, I am planning on battling the primitive part of my brain that says, “Writing jokes is not necessary to survive the day, so relax my friend. Watch Netflix.”

However another part of my mind (the human, higher executive functioning part) tells me to write more jokes. To get better. To not settle. But that part of my mind is weak compared to the primitive part, which doesn’t care about the future. It cares about surviving the moment.

Every day is a battle to override our instincts that tell us to just chill and relax and not worry about writing another joke. It’s a battle against procrastination.

A lot of times I won’t write because I don’t feel like it, or because I know I don’t “have” to do it. I can do it later, so each time it’s a battle to override that voice and write. Sometimes the voice won’t be as strong, other times it will be. The trick is to realize that it’s full of shit. It isn’t the voice you want to listen to. I should write everyday. I should write even if I think the joke I’m writing sucks. The point is to write. The point is to practice. The point is to get better. It’s not essential to my livelihood; however it is essential for me to get better as a comic.