What am I Waiting for?

Every ex-girlfriend I have ever had in high school and college is sitting in my living room where I grew up. They’re not saying anything. They’re just sitting there… staring. I’m sitting on the floor in nothing but my boxers looking around at all the familiar faces.

Then out of nowhere a fire alarm goes off…

I open my eyes and I’m in my bed in my apartment in Grand Rapids. I silence the alarm on my phone and then reset it from the current time 8:00am to 9:00am.

I don’t need to get up at 8:00am on my day off. I can still get all the work I need to get done, if I wake up at 9:00am.

I’m back in my living room where I grew up. The ex-girlfriends are talking and laughing with each other. I’m still in my boxers sitting on the floor watching this happen. I try to stand up but I can’t move. I try to say something but words don’t come out. I try harder to say something but still nothing.

I take a deep breath and try to speak again.

“Hey!” I say.

As soon as the words come out, I’m transported back to my bed at my apartment in Grand Rapids. I open my eyes and look at my phone to see the time.

It’s 10:30am. That doesn’t make any sense, so I unlock my phone and open my alarm app. I understand now. Somehow I set the alarm for 9:00pm.

That was stupid.

I roll out of bed and go to bathroom. I leave the bathroom and recall the dream I just had.

That was weird. I wonder what Freud would say about that one? I’d rather not think about it. I walk into the kitchen and see that there is nothing to eat, so I walk back to my room, throw on some sweats, grab my keys and wallet and then head out the door.

I’m going to the grocery store. I will get my groceries for the week. I won’t buy any fast food. I need to save money.

I look to my left at the Bagel Beanery and my mouth starts to water as I think about that three-meat breakfast bagel.

I purchase a number one at the Bagel Beanery and drive home.

At home, I turn on the TV while I enjoy my breakfast bagel. I finish the bagel. It was pretty good. No complaints.

I should probably… maybe… possible… potentially… not watch any more TV, but this couch is comfortable and this show is addictive, so I stay on the couch for a bit more.

It’s 2:00pm. How did this happen? Oh yeah… I watched two more episodes of the Sopranos and fell asleep. That’s how it’s 2:00pm. This has not been the productive day off that I had planned.

It’s time to regroup. I walk to my room, change into my running clothes and march out the door for a short two-mile run.

That was a good run. I feel so much better. Now I’ll just take a shower, shave and all that other stuff and then get started on some writing.

I finish shaving and then put on my jeans and a shirt, and then check my phone for any messages.

There is one text:

“We still on for that drink?”

I forgot about ‘that drink’, but I don’t admit to it. I text back:

“Of course! See you in a few hours at Some Bar.”

I have two hours to get done four hours worth of work. I know I shouldn’t just give up on the day. I should get as much done as I can, but I don’t. I watch another episode of the Sopranos, and then another.

It’s time to go.

I have a few drinks and arrive home at 10:00pm.

Well today has been a waste. I will just go to bed. I change into some more comfortable clothes, brush my teeth and do all the other pre-bed routines.

I nestle under my covers and I start to read.

I’ve read five pages and have no idea what I read?

I think about tomorrow and how I will be much more productive. I won’t put anything off. I won’t sleep in. I won’t watch TV. I won’t waste money at the Bagel Beanery. I will buy groceries. I will do my writing first thing in the morning. I won’t waste tomorrow like I did today!

What the hell am I doing right now? It’s 10:00pm. I don’t need to go to bed right now. I have tomorrow off too. Today is not wasted. It’s not over. I still have time to salvage something. I can get out of bed, sit at the desk and type some words. I could finish part of the project. Hell I could finish all of it. I don’t know how the hell I ended up at this point with nothing done, but that doesn’t matter now. All that matters is getting out of this bed and over to my computer to do some writing. Stop thinking about it and just do it!

I push the covers off my body. I put on my glasses. I trudge through my room to the hallway to the desk where my computer rests. I open up a word document and I start punching the damn keys and make the most of the hand I dealt myself on this particular day.